Serving the cause – Project Management Association of Singapore (PMAS)

Project Management Association of Singapore (PMAS)

In the PMAS EOGM held on 5 Feb 2020, Jen Jee our director was elected in as the Chairman of the coming Governing Committee (GC) : Term 2020-2022 for the Project Management Association of Singapore (PMAS).

Having served as a member on the GC for the earlier term, Jen Jee takes over from a very solid foundation built from previous Chairman Alan Puan presiding over an almost similar team of GC members going into the new term.

Although still relatively young, the PMAS brings together like-minded individuals that believe in the practice of solid project/program/portfolio management as both a life-skill as well as a critical success factor for organisations/business. The key standards and baselines that PMAS, and the International Project Management Association (IPMA) at the global level expound focus on the concept of both personal and organisation competencies, marrying knowledge with skills and abilities. This takes the initial concept of knowledge areas (knowing the theory) to the ability to apply and carry out the work (abilities, skills)

Competency = knowledge + skills + capabilities

Raising the profile of Project Management, setting up both an accreditation/training scheme in Singapore while working on a National Competency Baseline for Project Management remain some of the hallmarks of great work to be continued by the upcoming PMAS GC.

PMAS EOGM – 5 Feb 2020

 “I certainly have big shoes to fill, working with Alan and Linus(Vice-Chair), together with every single one of the GC members whom I have had the privilege to serve with, the pace and results shown by last term’s GC will set the standard for which the new PMAS board must strive to emulate and hopefully surpass. ” – Jen Jee, Chairman PMAS (2020-2022)

Find out more at the PMAS web-site and if you believe in the cause, sign up and join us on this journey…