Enterprise SG Web-site – List of Certified Consultants

In our drive to continuously raise the bar in the consulting services we provide, we are proud to announce that Jen Jee, our Principal Consultant is now a certified Registered Management Consultant (RMC), obtaining his credentials from the Institute of Management Consultants Singapore (IMCS).

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Project Mining

This time the call came early, 6am to be exact. The client is extremely unhappy – the project is failing and as the Project Manager, the buck stops with you. You can’t help but wonder what’s wrong. The project is backed up with a delay of 30%, you just found out that the budget is fully depleted – since a few months back, and the project testing cycle uncovered tons of problems and defects. You put down the phone, shrug, drag yourself out of bed, and think – here we go again. Groaning, you begin to wonder why you ever got into Project Management.

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