Project Consultancies

Our Project Consultants possess the knowledge to run projects smoothly, with necessary documentation and anticipation of key problems. We do this through the experience of being able to spot potential issues and make contingency plans to cater for such a risk. We provide end-to-end project management delivery services through the 5 stages (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Closing) from inception to completion.

In cases where clients require specific systems/processes to be set up in any of the above stages, our knowledge base supplemented by network of vast suppliers and vendors, extensive collection of documents/resources enable us to understand clients requirements and tailor a solution specifically for the client – nothing more nothing less. More importantly we do so, accredited to key project management certifications globally, giving clients the level of confidence that the systems are benchmarked and best-in-class

Examples of such systems could be procurement, risk management, cost planning and management, resource development etc.

Management Consultancies

Extending our knowledge on project systems to business operations, we are now able to conduct workflow analysis, from end-to-end, i.e. translating strategy into sales/marketing, project operations, procurement and sustenance/maintenance operations. We start off through the use of our partner’s software, DISCO, to carefully conduct process mining to analyse current state before recommending priority areas for improvement. We then, carefully curate each workflow stage, with clear inputs, outputs and tools / techniques. Through this, we are able to de-bottleneck process flows, applying basic principles of LEAN to optimise workflow and increase efficiencies.

We then provide a complete documentation service including Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs), swim-lane diagrams with clear roles and responsibilities (RACI charts) with process assets such as forms, databases, records aligned with business excellence models globally.