Your One-Stop Solution for Project and Management Consultancies

We have come a long way since our initial beginnings in late 2015. Today, we are known for our quality, client-centric consultancy approach having worked on projects big / small, simple/complicated from basic cost analysis to mega projects such as the Marina Bay Sands, Changi East Tunnels and the Jurong Innovation District developments

Our charter has always been to realise the benefits of sound, solid project management processes through our consultancies. We help you in all aspects of running and delivering projects, setting up processes/systems and consulting on any related project issue or topic that may arise. We take a long-term approach, forgoing quick-fixes, to help our client teams be independent, capable project managers themselves

Building on the success in our project consulting efforts, we have moved into management consultancies, where we help clients analyse business processes, perform gap analysis, and bench-mark best practices in the industry . This results in the ability to eliminate waste, de-bottleneck and optimise our client’s business and workflow operations. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are delivered, and aligned to global standards such as ISO, PMBOK and IPMA guidelines.

We also believe firmly in ensuring your solutions work for you, and hence harness the power of being data-driven to predict, model and help you make better decisions for your projects and operations. To this end, we have just launched our very own product suite, ProjAnalysis© signifying and the use of Process Mining in our drive towards big-data and analytics