Proj_Seed2A is a unique suite of products specially crafted to support a start-up’s journey from SEED funding to Series A ready state. Statistics show the challenging environment start-ups typically grapple with, 90% fail and the failure rate is highest at SEED to Series A stages

Source : Journal of Empirical Entrepreneurship – Dissecting start-up failure rates by stages – Sebastien Quintero, 8 Nov 2017

DotProjects has carefully curated a suite of products making Proj_Seed2A :-

  • Planning_1_0
    • ProjAnalysis to carry out initial gap analysis and take stock of current situation
    • Schedule baseline
    • Cost baseline
  • Reporting_1_0
    • Dashboards, Burndown charts / Cumulative
    • Issue and risk tracking
  • Controls / Governance_1_0
    • Managing issues, and follow-up
    • Catching up, 5 Whys with deterministic cause and effect
    • Risk Management

The suite of products are planned to layer over JUST ENOUGH governance and best practices in project management to provide assurance that there is a direction and control towards the end-goal but without stifling creativity and ensuring BAU (Business As Usual) for founders.. typically the CEO ( who will focus on selling, creating demand, strategic development) and the CPO (who will focus on product, features etc)

So if you are a start-up that’s just secured SEED funding, you will have plenty of time to pat yourself on the back later.. you are entering probably the most crucial 6-9 months of your journey – why leave it to statistics, ping us now and understand better how DotProjects can help you secure Series A!