Our consultancies in Project Management focus on all aspects and stages of a project, namely Initialising, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling and Closing.

In all stages, we possess the knowledge to run the project smoothly, with necessary documentation and anticipation of key problems that may be encountered. We do this through the experience of our project managers being able to spot a potential issue and make contingency plans to cater for such a risk. We provide end-to-end project management delivery services through the 5 stages above from inception to completion.

In cases where clients require specific systems/processes to be set up in any of the above stages, our knowledge bases supplemented by network of vast suppliers and vendors, vast collection of documents/resources enable us to sit with you, understand your requirements and set up processes systems. More importantly we do so, having been certified to key project management certifications globally recognised, giving you the level of confidence that the systems are benchmarked and best-in-class

Examples of such systems could be procurement, risk management, cost planning and management, resource development etc.

For specific industries such as construction, a keen understanding of the built environment is crucial, and ability to understand each unique purpose and asset use paramount to ensuring you get the best use of your real estate. Our experience in contract administration and intimacy with the various contract types enable us to advise you the best model to use in various operating requirements. We understand clearly authority approval processes, industry needs, and vendor/supplier market and can manage even the construction site processes to provide a single accountable point that you can liaise with.