Project Mining

This time the call came early, 6am to be exact. The client is extremely unhappy – the project is failing and as the Project Manager, the buck stops with you. You can’t help but wonder what’s wrong. The project is backed up with a delay of 30%, you just found out that the budget is fully depleted – since a few months back, and the project testing cycle uncovered tons of problems and defects. You put down the phone, shrug, drag yourself out of bed, and think – here we go again. Groaning, you begin to wonder why you ever got into Project Management.

It slowly dawns : you deal with people most of the time, and therein lies the huge problem, you can never really predict their motivations, their behavior etc. Also, just how do you really track what’s happening on the ground, with so many moving parts etc. You begin to realise that the Project Manager is just a convenient target for others to place responsibility on…Just grin and bear it – you feel. Should’ve listened to mum, and studied to be a doctor…

It wasn’t always like this. 6 months back, as the project specialist, you had recommended a complete revamp of the project processes. Taking an end-to-end approach from project initialisation to closure, you had worked out best practices, project flows/controls, set-up tracking mechanisms and all these had been presented to the client. Being a certified Project Manager, you trawled the various project standards (there are many), you adapted and you were proud of what you produced finally. The client invested, and a huge amount of effort, 3 months and a sizable investment later, you rolled out the latest project manual and handbook..

But today, after 3 months into your ‘new’ system, things weren’t improving, in fact they were getting worse. Every time a new process/system was introduced there were issues, Murphy always visited, the lights were on but no one was home. What was wrong? It wasn’t supposed to be like this..

Join Jen Jee, a certified Project/Program/Portfolio specialist, as he takes you on a 25 minute video clip, explaining why it is that projects generally face extreme challenges in meeting targets. That even if we layer over best practices, benchmarks – the sheer complexity of projects, the challenges in dealing with stakeholders of competing motivations, the difficulties in trying to anticipate risks and problems in a fluid and ever-changing environment, will more often than not, cause projects to fail despite best intentions. In this clip, Jen Jee explains the use of process mining, applied to the project vertical, and shows you how a simple effort off a curated data-set can allow amazing insights to be gleaned and a less investment intensive, focused approach to be adopted to target areas of highest impact towards the project workflow.

DotProjects is proud to introduce our latest suite of services : Project Mining. Using a data-driven approach and building analytics of YOUR project data, the insights created by our service enables a targeted approach towards improving your project processes, allowing a prioritised, high-impact methodology that ensures the ROI of your improvement works exceed expectations. Speak to us now and help us help you better realise returns off your project delivery efforts

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