Back amidst a new uncertainty..

It has indeed been a long and reflective 2-3 months as DotProjects, our community, clients and staff adjust to a new norm amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. Throughout it all, we had remained steadfast strong in our principles and our constant drive to continue to provide the services to our clients and projects (which have fallen off a bit or been delayed)

On lifting of the Circuit Breaker on 2 June 2020, symbolically it indicated a start of some sorts although we had always remained in service, taking calls remotely with clients and stakeholders..

And 1 month on now, things are picking up, we are glad that the fundamentals that have driven our growth over the past remain steadfast and we are happy to see our clients take the same journey with us.. with this I wish all of u the best as we trudge slowly in uncertain times, in a post-Covid industry holding on to our belief that strong processes, projects and best in class practices continue to be the pillars as businesses recover, re-strategise and re-organise themselves for a new world ahead.. cheers!

Jen Jee